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Zoodochou Pigis Fetal Medicine Centre

Updated: May 9, 2019

Pre-natal scanning in pregnancy was established by Professor Kypros Nicolaides at the King’s College Hospital in London, United Kingdom.

After carrying out a 2 – year Fellowship at the Harris Birthright Research Centre of the Fetal Medicine Centre in the United Kingdom, following his Speciality in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and obtaining the Diploma in Fetal Medicine, Dr Chris M Liassides established the Zoodochou Pigis Fetal Medicine Centre en-site at the Zoodochou Pigis Polyclinic in 2018, carrying out pre-natal scans as established by the Fetal Medicine Centre of Professor Nicolaides, with state of the art ultrasound technology.

The services provided are:

  • Early Pregnancy Scan

  • 1st Trimester / Nuchal translucency scan carried out between 11 and 14 weeks of gestation for estimation of the date of delivery, early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities and screening for chromosomal defects.

  • 2nd Trimester /Anomaly scan for further evaluation of the fetal anatomy, especially of the brain, face, heart and spine. Uterine artery Doppler scans for the prediction and prevention of preeclampsia.

  • Isolated cardiac scan with assessment of blood flow across the heart valves and the thorough review of the cardiac vessels.

  • 3rd Trimester – Growth & Doppler scan, carried out to assess the fetal growth and well-being, by also incorporating amniotic fluid measurements, Doppler of blood flow in the Middle Cerebral artery, Ductus venosus, umbilical arteries and uterine arteries. Prediction and management of fetal growth restriction.

  • 3D / 4D scans when the baby’s position allows this.

  • Multiple pregnancy scans

  • Invasive screening tests for chromosomal abnormalities (Chorionic villous sampling – CVS, carried out upto 16 weeks, and Amniocentesis carried out from 16 weeks of gestation  onwards)



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