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We have an experience based on many years working in the field. More than 9000 children have been born in our Polyclinic, and Dr Marios Liassides’clinic before that, over the years.


Pregnant women are routinely followed-up on a regular basis. During every visit, the maternal blood pressure and weight will be monitored, and the developing embryo will be assessed sonographically to rule out any potential fetal growth restriction or other problems, that may arise during the pregnancy.


Couples are invited to attend routine antenatal lessons, carried out by our group of midwives.


When the time comes for labour to start, women are monitored in one of our two labour suites with continuous assessment of fetal well-being via cardiotocograph, and are delivered by Dr Marios Liassides or Dr Chris Liassides, in the presence of a midwife. A Consultant Paediatrician is attending every delivery. Pain management is an important aspect of labour, and we manage this effectively for all our patients. And why should one woman not be able to relax and enjoy the process of delivery.


Our two operating theatres are situated right next to the delivery suites, and in case of an emergency, necessitating a caesarean section, a woman can be transferred there and this can be carried out very quickly under controlled conditions.


As part of our innovative birthing techniques, we also offer water births, should this be explicitly requested in our birthing pools.

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