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Attending the18th World Congress in Fetal Medicine in Alicante

Zoodochou Pigis Polyclinic was represented by Dr Chris Liassides at the '18th World Congress in Fetal Medicine' of the Fetal Medicine Foundation which was held between the 25-29 June 2019 at Alicante Spain.

May interesting topics were presented, covering every aspect of the Fetal Medicine. Of particular interest were the Fetal Cardiology and the Fetal Neurosonography sessions, which is a developing field in the Fetal Medicine.

Congresses are always important for novel approaches and, to make empowered and educated decisions on what is happening in the medical field. In addition, they offer a great opportunity to meet up and interact with other colleagues from across the world.

World Congress of Fetal Medicine in Alicante
World Congress of Fetal Medicine in Alicante



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